Thomas HarleyPineapple Jug

£ 275.00

Immaculate Condition: Harley, Thomas (1778-1832) Pottery manufacturer, Lane End

Thomas Harley was born in 1778. 

From 1799-1801 he was in partnership with John, George and William Weston. From 1801 he worked on his own as an enameller, black printer and earthenware manufacturer. He was in partnership with Seckerson in 1818. He also owned a potworks in St. Helens (Lancashire) and a shop in Dublin (the capital of the Republic of Ireland).

In 1814 Thomas Harley was involved in a meeting which called for the abolition of the slave trade, and in 1815 was on a committee which protested against the window tax. 

He died in August 1832 at St. Helens, Lancashire.